Using Technology and Understanding Spend Management: Lessons for the CPO

This past week Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer, tackled 2 more procurement myths on our Chief Procurement Officer website. Myths Nos. 14 and 15 are part of a series of 25 (at least) myths that Pierre thinks need to be debunked. Check out the full articles below:

[Information] Technology is Only a Tool: Procurement Myth No. 14
In this article, Pierre talks about the myth that technology should only be applied to procurement when absolutely necessary. Yet such thinking is a "sure fire way to stifle innovation and prevent you from taking the money that is sitting on the table staring at you," Pierre writes. He continues later, "Calling technology a tool is like calling cash a tool or a person a tool." Why does technology need to be involved in procurement? Pierre tells you.

Procurement Owns Spend Management: Procurement Myth No. 15
Where did this "spend management" theory come from, and why is it thought to belong only to procurement? Pierre answers these questions, too, as he tackles procurement myth No. 15. "Spend" management can mean different things to procurement, finance and the overall business, and really, procurement doesn't "own" spend "beyond its budget," Pierre writes.

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