Live From ISM 2015: Congrats, and Here’s a Free Spend Matters 50/50 Placard!

Back in the day when I ran strategic marketing at FreeMarkets – it feels like an eternity ago – I remember the hilarious juxtaposition of the silly awards that various trade magazines and other groups issued that were supposedly “free.” But, of course, they were only free if you didn’t purchase any of the junk such as the use of logos, desktop awards, framed awards and related placard awards to show them off (and it was made fairly clear this was expected or at least implied by aggressive sales people).

Here at Spend Matters, we’re turning convention on its head. Not only are we doubling down on the commitment to finalizing our 50/50 lists (see our 50 Providers to Knowand 50 Providers to Watch lists), but we’re giving away the table-top award placards for free. It’s the least we can do given all the time solution providers invest with us in showing their wares and information and convincing customers to speak with us to confidentially share their experience and stories.

Here are some pictures from ISM 2015 over the past couple of days when we passed out our 50/50 award placards to those who earned them and were in attendance at the event. Congrats to all the 50/50 winners! And no, you don’t have to spend a penny with us for those placards – you’ve earned them. But I’m sure Thomas, Eric, John and Pierre would appreciate a good espresso or pint if you run into them!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next year at ISM and feel like I’m really missing out this year seeing these pictures! Alas, hopefully our forthcoming announcement (which kept me away from Phoenix) this week will make up for it…








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