The Spend Matters Industry Portfolio: Our Intrepid Stock-Pickers Limp Into Spring [Plus+]

This is all beginning to sound like a broken record, as the 3 Spend Matters stock pickers show that you should listen to us when we talk about procurement strategy and technology – but perhaps not when we talk about which firms’ stocks in our market you should buy! Yes, April was a dismal month for myself, Jason Busch and Nancy Clinton in terms of our virtual/ imaginary stock portfolios that we chose at the beginning of the year. We picked 24 firms, large and small, for our overall portfolio that contains publicly quoted businesses that operate in the procurement solutions market. Indeed, it was not a good month either for the overall portfolio, which dropped some 3% even though most global markets picked up slightly (1%-3%) during April. Global markets are around 6%-8% up on the year so far, but our portfolio still fell, which suggests some industry specific factors at play.

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