Spend Matters 50/50: Apttus – A Provider to Watch in 2015

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Apttus is the only CLM or procurement provider of substance on the Salesforce1 platform, and although primarily focused on sell-side contracts, it also has a substantial and growing footprint on the buy-side and an aggressive vision to deliver an end-to-end, sell-side-to-buy-side user experience, complete with analytics and proactive guidance along the way. Current solutions include:

  • Sell-side CLM – with deep hooks into Salesforce for those who want that (and what company doesn't use Salesforce?) and with optional Configure to Price to Quote (CPQ) and Quote to Cash modules
  • Buy-side CLM ­– still only used by half of their client base but the use case of addressing the needs of both sides of the aisle is compelling
  • Analytics – guidance in the contracting process with clause level analysis to assess when and how negotiations are going in the wrong direction

Apttus also has other technologies worth looking into:

  • X-Author – not the best name, but a wonderful solution that let's you use Excel with Salesforce instead of having to use a clunky web interface. The tool also enables extensive collaboration between MS Office users. It's so good that Apttus should spin it off.

Armed with $41 million in recent capital infusion from Salesforce and others, and with over 800 employees, we expect Apttus to quickly deliver on its vision. It’s an exciting company to follow.

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