Is Sustainable Trade Finance an Oxymoron? The Palm Oil Story

Here on Spend Matters, we have written a lot lately on sustainable supply chain practices – specifically, with regard to McDonald's recent announcement it would take efforts to rid deforestation from its supply chain. (You can read more about this here and here.)

Our sister site Trade Financing Matters also recently discussed the issue of sustainability in the article: Palm Oil and Sustainable Trade Finance. David Gustin, author of the article, writes about the problems with palm oil sourcing around the world. While the oil is in high demand, as it is used in a wide variety of products from soaps and lotions to foods, it's production can be problematic. One major palm oil producing country is Indonesia, where, for example, huge swaths of land are being deforested to make way for palm oil plantations.

You can check out the full article over on Trade Financing Matters, and read why sustainable finance for certain supplies like palm oil seems like a "long way off."

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