The VA’s Big Procurement Problem – And Why We Are So Angry About It

If you are like Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell – that is, someone who has years of experience in procurement benchmarking – or even if you are simply just a taxpayer, you are likely to get pretty angry at the news coming out of the Department of Veterans Affairs. As Jan Frye, deputy assistant secretary for acquisition and logistics at the VA, put it:

“The VA has and continues to waste millions of dollars by paying excessive prices for goods and services due to breaches of Federal laws.”

In an article published today on Public Spend Forum, Pierre cites 9 takeaways of the "alleged culture of lawlessness and chaos at the VA." You can read the article here: Think You Have Procurement Problems? The VA Faces at Least $6 Billion in Maverick Spending

Though this topic will no doubt make you angry, it's worth the read. Check it out!

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