Americans Eat 800+ Hot Dogs on Memorial Day and Other (Less Gross) Stats on The Holiday Weekend

Americans will consume more than 800 hot dogs per second this weekend. Think about that. Per second.

But hey, it’s Memorial Day! It’s the “unofficial” start of summer. And, I bet in addition to us honoring our veterans, a bunch of us are partaking in some barbecuing and probably, as the statistic above shows, eating a hot dog.

Here are 10 other statistics about the holiday weekend:

  1. 37.2 million people are hitting the road, traveling at least 50 miles to a destination by car. This is up 4.7% from Memorial Day 2014
  2. 2.6 million people will be traveling by air
  3. This will be the busiest Memorial Day, when it comes to travel, in a decade
  4. 383 traffic crashes are estimated to occur during Memorial Day weekend, according to the National Safety Council
  5. Memorial Day is the second most popular barbecuing holiday in the US. (July 4 is No. 1, and Labor Day comes in No. 3)
  6. The burger is the most popular barbecued food (surprisingly, hot dogs come in third)
  7. Even though lots of grilling goes on this weekend, one of the items experts say consumers should avoid buying on this holiday is gas grills. Patio furniture and fitness gear are other products on the list.
  8. The national average for gasoline prices heading into the holiday weekend was $2.47 a gallon. The last time gasoline was this low on Memorial Day was back in 2009.
  9. Hotel rates have increased 5% compared to Memorial Day 2014
  10. 42+ million American veterans have served our country – 1.2 million have died during their service.

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