Work Intermediation Platforms – Transformation Engines of the Modern Labor Procurement Supply Chain (Part 2 – What Did We Catch?) [PRO]

In Part I of this series, we introduced the fast emerging phenomenon of Work Intermediation Platforms (WIPs) that have been developing and mutating – largely outside the protective membrane of the established staffing industry supply chain – and demonstrating the potential for the emergence of radical ways of organizing and accessing contingent labor (many of which could not be managed through established staffing supply chain and contingent workforce management channels). Across the whole global economy, platform-based businesses are already establishing themselves as an “invasive species,” increasingly found transforming or disrupting business-as-usual in many sectors. Contingent workforce sourcing and procurement is no exception, and the prognosis encompasses increasing challenges and opportunities for sourcing and engagement of hard-to-find labor/talent through new digital channels (platforms and ecosystems) – often in new modalities (e.g., on-demand, crowdsourcing, et al). Today in Part 2 of this PRO series on WIPs, we cover the important topics of what WIPs actually are, what varieties exist and what they are capable of.

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