How Finance Can Help Procurement: A Countdown on our CPO Website

Over on Chief Procurement Officer, we recently began a countdown series of the top 17 ways finance can help procurement. Authored by Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, the series, or procurement wish list, is based off a snap poll Spend Matters and the Institute for Supply Management conducted regarding the alignment of procurement and finance organizations within a company.

The series hits on the least important to most important ways procurement would like finance's help improving supply and spend management. (No. 1 will be the most important.) So far, Pierre has hit on tips Nos. 17-15. You can read the full articles over on Chief Procurement Officer, or clink the links below!

Get Legal Involved in Collaboration – 17 Ways Finance can Help Procurement: No. 17

Coordinate Risk & Compliance Activities – 17 Ways Finance Can Help Procurement: No. 16

Optimize Working Capital – 17 Ways Finance can Help Procurement: No. 15

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