Spend Matters 50/50: CAPS Research – A Provider to Know in 2015

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CAPS Research is a non-profit procurement research and benchmarking firm that also provides procurement executive networking. “CAPS” used to stand for The Center of Advanced Purchasing Studies and was initially a venture between Arizona State University and The Institute for Supply Management (ISM), but is now funded nearly exclusively through donor/member corporations. Its ongoing high-level benchmarks (e.g., including the popular Cross-Industry Report of Standard Benchmarks) and its topical benchmarks and research studies have been around for decades.

The firm is a reasonably priced (e.g., $15K per year) general purpose knowledge source for topical supply management research, benchmarks and executive networking. It's best suited for subscriber firms that not only appreciate the reasonably deep and academically rigorous insights that CAPS provides, but also appeals to those who like to support this venerable non-profit and the value that it provides through its content and its membership community.

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