Spend Matters 50/50: Beeline – A Provider to Know in 2015

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Sometimes it’s not easy being in the “top 3” – one of the monikers sometimes afforded Beeline, a top vendor management system (VMS) provider, by whatever revenue/share/capability/etc., you want to consider as criteria for the ranking. Beeline has long been compared to 2 other large VMS providers in the sector (which are also deserving and included on our 50/50 list). For many years, Beeline followed a similar path that its peers adhered to: focus on customers, listen to their requirements and invest in the product accordingly. Heck, Doug Leeby, Beeline’s long-time president and CEO (Beeline is owned by Adecco), is probably the most customer-centric executive you’d find in any industry – the guy and his team are exceptionally committed to those who pay the bills beyond any normal grasp of the concept.

But more recently, something happened to the Beeline recipe. The provider starting moving in new directions, not only investing in feature/capability parity and clever elements around the edges (e.g., decision guidance, a strong analytics stand-alone module, etc.), but shifting and adapting with a more aggressive expansion model. Perhaps sensing the industry changed with the acquisition of Fieldglass by SAP, Beeline decided to be the first VMS to begin to adapt a native freelancer management system (FMS) capability into its core offering by acquiring OnForce. Beeline is also making strides in expanding its capabilities around sourcing, decision guidance, SOW support and other areas — with an eye to effectively managing the lifecycle of all types of external talent and services.

Organizations should talk to Beeline when:

  • Going through any type of VMS selection process
  • They want tips and program tools to expand VMS penetration in existing programs
  • Needing to support a global contingent labor program
  • They want competition among their procurement technology software providers for innovation without sacrificing integration (rather than counting all their SaaS eggs in one big SAP basket)
  • Wanting to incorporate the management of freelancers and independent contractors at the core of a services procurement program ­– or as a tightly coupled adjunct to managing traditional contingent/staffing labor

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