Should You Sign Up For Coupa Leveraged Contracts? When P2P Meets a GPO [PRO]

For years, Coupa has explored the concepts of incorporating leveraged contracts into its arsenal (leveraged contracts provide pre-negotiated pricing and specified terms with select suppliers). Coupa’s own GPO program, positioned under the Coupa Advantage label, is finally real and has a number of active users and members. Earlier this week, Coupa’s GM Ashish Deshpande, who has spearheaded the effort from day 1, led a discussion with a number of Coupa customers who are already using leveraged contracts. This Spend Matters PRO analysis explores Coupa’s new leveraged contract program (including available contracts, suppliers, typical savings, business model and related topics) and strategy and explores what types of organizations should think about signing up for Coupa Advantage.

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