How Can Amazon Business Close the Gaps in B2B? Review, Analysis and One Big Recommendation [PRO]

In our previous posts on Amazon Business, we highlighted numerous areas where the solution could be improved to make it more attractive to larger-sized buyers in the upper mid-market and enterprise segments. For buyers, the biggest issue currently is the lack of depth of functionality, support and services to provide the domain expertise to serve industrial buyers. Other limitations include the fact Amazon Business isn’t global, it only supports SKUs (although Mechanical Turk offers an IT freelancer marketplace, and we do see the writing on the wall for Amazon Home Services to potentially creep upstream into B2B), its notion of e-procurement support is a PO reference field, its customer service levels are not designed for B2B and so on. But Amazon Business is alive – and despite the limitations, there are current use cases for large buyers and small procurement organizations alike. In this Spend Matters PRO brief, we dive into a range of Amazon Business considerations including drawing comparisons to Grainger (Zoro) and others. We also make an easy-to-implement recommendation to Amazon that would be disruptive to the industry – and highly valued by buyers – if adopted. Put on your P2P, MRO and distribution flack jacket and read on.

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