BravoSolution To Become Single Platform S2P Provider

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As part of our continuing coverage of BravoSolution and its BravoConnect event that we’ve been attending, CEO Jim Wetekamp took us through the new BravoAdvantage platform, which not only enhances functionality in current Bravo products, but also focuses on a supplier management-centric approach called "supplier value management" (SVM) that is at the core of its platform. SVM provides a common view of the supplier, including risk management, spend visibility, project/program management, contract management and performance management capabilities.

But, the bombshell that was quietly dropped (in a good way) was the news that Bravo is expanding beyond its current focus of sourcing and supplier management and working on adding P2P to the source-to-pay (S2P) space. After years of arguing – with some validity in our opinion – that there’s not always a need to have a single solution provider for both P2P and strategic procurement (sourcing, supplier management, etc.), the firm has decided that the time is right to change its strategy and follow the current market trend to a complete procurement suite (whether or not the customers actually need it all). Wetekamp talked about requisitioning, catalog management and invoicing as the 3 new elements, which will be included in the next release of the BravoAdvantage platform later this year.

The most fascinating aspect of this is that BravoSolution is neither building this capability internally, nor is it acquiring a P2P provider. Rather, Bravo has decided the capability will be developed (within the BravoSolution platform) by Veriana US-based P2P software provider Spend Matters rates highly for its technology. This provides the benefits of having it be natively built within the same platform and extending a single data model rather than building a Franken-vendor like a German ERP provider that shall go nameless.

BravoSolution is keeping this pretty low-key (well, as low-key as it can be, given that we’re reporting on it!). Wetekamp told us, "We haven't actually launched this yet, so there's no press release or big campaign." But it is significant news for customers, prospective customers, competitors and indeed BravoSolution's solution provider partners in different regions. "We will continue working with partners" was Wetekamp's message, but obviously, Basware won’t be overjoyed and will need to ponder its next steps. Basware, which bought Procserve recently in the UK, is known for its e-invoicing capability and has been partnering with BravoSolution to offer the P2P element of the proposition when customers wanted both that and strategic procurement functionality.

Stay tuned for future coverage as we dive into the details of the emerging partnership.

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