Coupa Today: Are We Inspired? A Candid, Unfiltered Critical View [PRO]

Three members of the Spend Matters team spent 2 days at the Coupa Inspire 2015 conference last week, taking in all the news and happenings from the provider that appears to be assuming the mantle of the P2P leadership in the procurement technology market (although that’s a bit of a misleading statement, for reasons I’ll share in a minute). Regardless and most important, the momentum has no doubt shifted away from Ariba/SAP as the one to watch – and to beat – in the sector. Coupa, to put it in high-level terms, is the new Ariba, in large part since there is so much that’s encumbering Ariba that Coupa doesn’t have to deal with. But where does Coupa really sit today? Is Coupa truly “winning” this market? Is it proving to be inspirational? These are tough questions to answer and obviously, by nature, any attempt at responding will be subjective. Still, we get paid for our opinions, and in this Spend Matters PRO brief, we sum up a number of observations coming out of Inspire based on our perception of Coupa’s competitive position in a candid and intentionally critical take on the vendor. Finally, we encourage our members to chime in with their views as well and reach out to discuss their experience and thoughts, especially those going through a Coupa evaluation.

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