Guided Buying Needs More than an Attractive User Interface

Yes, user interface is important for any program. The user must be able to...well, actually use a tool for it to be effective. No one is arguing that. What Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer of Spend Matters, did argue recently over on our Chief Procurement Officer website is that a "consumerized e-procurement 'guided buying' experience is more than a sexy simple user interface."

In the CPO article, "Putting the Steak Before the Sizzle in Consumerized B2B E-Procurement," Pierre talks about what truly makes an effective guided buying tool, as well as how to implement one.

Make sure to head over to our CPO website to read the full article, or click here.

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  1. Keith York:

    Ahhhh – I get it. Ok, makes more sense now. Glad I asked.

    I’m good. Big changes ahead of me / HP. I’ll be moving into the smaller HPI organization and I’m hoping to see the opportunity to be a bit more agile and do some massive streamlining. Hope to be in touch more.

  2. Pierre Mitchell:

    Keith, how are you?! I miss our advisory chats from my Hackett days. Anyway, to answer your question, the idea is to leave 3 way match as final option only after you separate out recurring invoices, evaluated receipts settlement, assumed receipts (rather than chasing desktop receivers), and p-cards. If you only don’t have much through those other channels, then 3-way will be higher, but if you don’t need the controls resident inherent in 3-way match, than don’t automate more stringent controls just because it’s ‘vanilla’ functionality and because it’s how Finance has always done things.
    If you want to chat, just drop me a line.

  3. Keith York:

    Hi Kaitlyn – I have a question about this article from Pierre. I’m extending my role at HP and moving into the P2P space more, having been focused mostly on Sourcing, Contracting and Supplier Management stuff before. I say that ’cause if this is a crazy question I’ll hopefully be forgiven. As he speaks to preferred buy-pay channels Pierre says that 3 way match should NOT be the default choice. Why not? I’m hoping to go as touchless as possible. Am I missing something?

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