Week in Review: An M&A, Industry News and Conference Coverage Roundup

The last week as been a busy one for the procurement world, with an acquisition announcement coming from the P2P software space, another provider announcing a new platform and our Spend Matters analysts scattered around the globe covering industry conferences. If you missed any of our coverage on these events, no worries – we have rounded up our recent articles on these topics, giving you an inside look to the latest news coming out of the industry in the past week.

M&A News

Last week, Paris-based procure-to-pay software provider Hubwoo announced it received a cash offer from Perfect Commerce for a buyout. The €26.6 million "bargain basement" purchase offer, as a member of our Spend Matters Analyst Team called it, signaled a number of things for both Hubwoo and Perfect Commerce. One of our analysts, Thomas Kase, was surprised it has taken so long for a firm to snatch up Hubwoo, too. You can read the team's initial thoughts on the M&A news in the article: Perfect Commerce Offers to Acquire Hubwoo.

Also stay tuned for more in-depth, PRO-level analysis on the acquisition offer in the coming days.

Conference Coverage

Spend Matters contributing analyst Andrew Karpie is down on Amelia Island, Florida, covering the Beeline Conference. Luckily for us, Andrew hasn't been totally swept away by the sea and beautiful beaches down south and has been providing our readers with continued coverage from the event. Find out how Beeline is bringing innovation to the contingent workforce technology space and positioning itself to be more than just a simple VMS provider. You can read his full posts from the event below.

Not Just Along for the Ride: On the Ground and Covering the Action, as the Beeline Client Conference Gains Momentum Today

Beeline Client Conference Day 1: Becoming a Platform for Enterprises’ Entire Extended Workforces

Beeline Conference Wrap: Hacking the Contingent Workforce Supply Chain

Spend Matters Founder and Managing Director Jason Busch also provided some insight on Beeline here on Spend Matters in the last week, even though he couldn't make the conference this year. In his first post, Beeline: Broader Services Procurement Game On(Force)Jason tells you why Beeline is dedicated to bring a broader capability to freelance management systems alongside traditional staffing resources within its suite agreement. In a subsequent article published this last week, Jason dives into what companies can expect when engaging with freelancers in the article Beeline Dispatch: Exploring the Benefits (and Risks) of Engaging Freelancers

Connecting From Across the Pond

Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer for Spend Matters, was on the other side of the Atlantic last week in the UK covering the BravoSolution conference BravoConnect. He, too, provided our US Spend Matters readers with continues coverage from the event, which included a major announcement on Bravo's goal to integrate procure-to-pay to its source-to-pay space. You can read all the details of this news that has, for the most part, been kept under wraps (with Bravo not issuing any formal press releases on it), in Pierre's article: BravoSolution To Become Single Platform S2P Provider.

Pierre also provided additional conference coverage here: BravoConnect: The Power of Procurement Community and Innovation.

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