Where Do ‘Procurement Ethics’ Policies Go Wrong? [Plus+]

The recent events around FIFA and the allocation of football (soccer) World Cups raise some major issues around ethics, corruption and behavior in business and indeed in life generally. While at the moment we are talking about allegations in the main rather than proven facts, it is clear that large amount of moneys have been used to try and influence the voting behavior of the delegates who decide which country will host the World Cup events. That hosting is now very lucrative for the country involved, and the huge value of media rights for the event also provides incentives for fraud and corruption. But how does this relate to procurement organizations? Over the years, we have seen a lot of procurement ethical policies that were not fit for purpose. So given the current focus on this topic, we thought it was worth sharing a few of the common problems that we’ve seen with such statements and are suggesting ways to improve them. We share a handful of the most common issues and how to avoid them.

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