Beyond E-Invoicing Automation – Tungsten and Global Compliance [PRO]

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While some would call e-invoicing a lowly operational task that CEOs, CFOs and CIOs shouldn’t invest the time to understand or explore anymore than they should care about the latest in accounts payable automation and optical character recognition (OCR), the Spend Matters team has adopted a very different view of it, especially in emerging and global markets. The impetus for this is government regulations are demanding greater compliance from companies, including implementing approved invoicing processes with data verification and integration to the ERP system in Latin America and other regions. And, as expected, the C-level wants to avoid any financial and tax penalties, causing these execs, in turn, to ensure the company’s e-invoicing system is in order. Tungsten, an e-invoicing network provider, is front and center in facilitating global compliance, although it has done a rather poor job at marketing what it is actually up to. In this 2-part Spend Matters PRO analysis, we explain what Tungsten is doing in enabling global compliance efforts, going beyond the basics of what TrustWeaver is facilitating for just about every other e-invoicing provider and supplier network.

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