Procurement Lessons From a Surprising Source: the 1980s

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Big hair, leg warmers, heavy metal, John Hughes films – these are all things that immediately come to mind when we think of the 1980s. But what else did that decade bring? According to Pierre Mitchell, the ‘80s brought about a business transformation to total quality management. Pierre expanded upon this thought in a recent article published on our Chief Procurement Officer website: What Procurement Can Learn From Quality Management in the 1980s (Besides Bad Hair). He writes:

“The 1980s was a decade of transformation and pushing boundaries – and of lessons learned regarding what boundaries should be left alone (namely 1980s bad hair). One transformation that occurred in the business world dealt with total quality management (TQM). At that time, nearly all firms from the West treated quality as a corporate function that had to build quality assurance and quality control systems and tools into a shop floor staffed by workers who were essentially human robots. However, over time, firms began to embrace Japanese-style quality management approaches that trained and empowered those workers to solve their own quality problems. In other words, quality management became a democratized process rather than an elitist corporate function. And the rest is history.”

Check out the full article on CPO and find out why procurement may still be stuck in the ‘80s.

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