Tradeshift to Provide App for Working Capital through C2FO Partnership

Supplier collaboration platform Tradeshift hasn't been well known for finance outside of accounts payable. It has offered dynamic discounting, to be sure, but the feature has been used by only a handful of clients. That approach is about to change, however, as explained in a breaking news article on Trade Financing Matters. Tradeshift announced Tuesday it will partner with C2FO, giving it access to the financial technology company's working capital market as an internal app.

In their coverage, analysts David Gustin and Xavier Olivera summarized the partnership as follows: "Tradeshift, the company that views itself as the B2B equivalent of, now provides an app for working capital through C2FO, the only solution provider that enables buyers to set the APR return and auction cash to suppliers based on the rates set by latter."

It’s clever on the surface, David and Xavier explain, but how will the partnership work in practice? Be sure to check out the full breaking coverage over at Trade Financing Matters, and look to Spend Matters PRO later this week for a detailed take on the technology and financing architecture that will support the tactical plans for the partnership, as well as recommendations to organizations considering the use of Tradeshift and C2FO together.

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