Spend Matters 50/50: GXS – A Provider to Know in 2015

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GXS is a provider of B2B integration software and services. The firm was acquired by “Enterprise Information Management” vendor OpenText, but is fairly distinct from OpenText’s “general purpose” document/content and workflow/BPM-centric IT infrastructure portfolio. Rather, GXS focuses primarily on managed integration services (and support tools/applications) within large global supply chains. The firm has more than 2,000 employees operating in roughly 20 countries and connects over half a million businesses.

The firm’s core business is running managed B2B integration services, primarily for EDI and XML messages, but its GXS Trading Grid also offers additional tools layered on top for proactive event monitoring and intelligence, and a set of applications to manage master data integration, the master data itself (e.g., product catalogs) and supply chain collaboration scenarios for inventory, logistics, payments, etc.

The firm is best suited for large, complex, global organizations that are looking for a provider with a broad and deep portfolio of B2B integration tools and services to help connect supply chains with mission-critical heterogeneous systems that need failsafe connectivity and operational integrity.

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