SAP: Save Ferris – I mean Frictionless! A Webinar

SAP is on a campaign to end choice in procurement technology. Well, perhaps. Since acquiring Ariba, SAP has made hard-nosed decisions to rationalize its product offerings for cloud and CD versions. Ariba has become the defacto cloud offering and many SAP technologies have become the installed offerings available for sale.

Ironically, SAP’s former cloud sourcing, contract management and supplier management product set, originally acquired from Frictionless Commerce, has become the CD version of what SAP sells now in these product areas. Yet if you still must have SAP’s e-sourcing on-demand (eSOD) offering in the cloud, you can get it.

My Spend Matters colleague, Pierre Mitchell, who has covered this sector since before Frictionless even started, is participating in a webinar with Hubwoo on this topic. During the webinar, he’ll discuss strategies that buyers can employ to reduce vendor lock-in with SAP. Hubwoo subject matter experts will discuss specifics of implementing these strategies so that you can retain personalized best-of-breed functionality and secured commercial data within a broader SAP environment – with particular emphasis on SAP’s new sourcing and SAP contract lifecycle management solutions.

The eSOD product set was always clever – and many customers love it to this day. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) will also join the webinar and share its rationale, approach and lessons learned in having successfully migrated from the SAP eSOD platform to one hosted by Hubwoo using SAP technology.

Got that? Don’t worry if it’s too complicated.

Just remember: Save Ferris! (And Frictionless!) Join the webinar!

And be sure to toss in a Ferris Bueller quote or two in the comments section for posterity.

“SAP moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, they could take away your system.”

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