Spend Matters 50/50: Taulia – A Provider to Know in 2015

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Taulia’s inclusion in the Spend Matters 50/50 list for 2015 as a provider to know is representative of a number of factors, not the least of which is the customer traction it is building with core supplier connectivity/e-invoicing adoption in North America (among other markets) and early stage invoice discounting uptake. Based on our vantage point, Taulia appears to have established itself as the provider in the hybrid e-invoicing/discounting market that has managed to build market share faster than any other solution in recent years.

Taulia did this initially by combining a largely software (SaaS)-centric model with tight integration hooks into SAP systems along with a set of e-invoicing connectivity capabilities (including document exchange, XML/EDI format support), supplier portal, etc., and, of course, a full-featured discounting environment.

While as with all providers in this sector, Taulia’s e-invoicing adoption has scaled faster and more consistently than discounting uptake, it nonetheless is building on initial customer with discounting uptake, almost entirely funded by a company’s own balance sheet (Taulia also offers third-party financing options). Taulia has also succeeded in building a community and customer ecosystem around its solutions and brings consistently strong reference users who are willing to talk about their programs openly with those who ask.

The other aspect of Taulia that we find refreshing is how they have been able to work with different sets of customers in procurement and accounts payable together (and also, in certain cases, to engage treasury and other finance leads in questions around discounting and related funding). Unlike many pure-play e-invoicing or trade financing solution providers today, Taulia’s ability to bring together different functional and process leads is a positive sign when it comes to scaling invoice discounting and other trade financing programs where cross-functional efforts and supplier communications are key.

Taulia is an ideal fit for organizations that:

  • Desire to tightly couple financial systems/ERP with e-invoicing and invoice discounting programs
  • Want to take a technology-led approach to trade financing with an approved invoice as the trigger mechanism for early payment
  • Can self-fund invoice discounting programs and/or want flexibility in using different sources
  • Want a proven solution focused on business outcomes today to solve specific needs around e-invoicing, supplier connectivity and trade financing
  • Find it helpful to work a provider that has fostered a strong and collaborative customer ecosystem with companies at different levels of sophistication

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