What You Need to Know About the Greek Crisis: A Spend Matters Network Roundup

The uncertainty in Greece remains, but the country’s financial markets has impacted the supply chain, procurement industry as well as trading. In the last week, the Spend Matters Network has reported on these impacts, bringing you the latest news on what the current situation in Greece means for US industries and abroad. We have rounded up our Greece coverage in the last week below. Check out the articles to learn about the global implications of the Greek dilemma.

Spend Matters

Rough Seas Ahead for the Greek Shipping Industry
The Greek shipping industry is a big one for the country. Learn how both food producers and other exporters are struggling to fulfill customer orders, and read how US buyers of those Greek goods are wondering how much longer their partnership with Greece companies can or will continue.

Procurement Problems and Possibilities: What the Greece Debt Crisis Means for the Supply Chain
Following the July 5 vote on a Greek bailout proposal, our procurement experts over in Europe: Peter Smith, chief research officer and managing director for Spend Matters UK/Europe and Public Spend Matters Europe, and Gert van der Heijden, editor for Spend Matters Netherlands,  weighed in on the possibilities that lay ahead for Greece. What if it does exit the euro? Will suppliers still be able to do business with Greek partners? They provide procurement insight on all these important questions.

Public Spend Matters Europe

Greek Crisis – Could Public Procurement Play a Role in a Revival?
Peter Smith weighs in on how public procurement can help Greece’s financial situation improve. While public procurement may not be the No. 1 priority at the moment for the Greek government, Peter says that making public procurement “as efficient, fair and effective as possible would be one indicator to the external world and to the Greek citizen that things are changing.”

Public Procurement in Greece – Good News and Bad News on Corruption
The corruption in the Greek government has obviously taken its toll on the country’s economy. How has that infiltrated the public procurement sector? Check out this article by Peter to find out.


The Greek Crisis: What Does it Mean for Industrial Metals?
Lead Forecast Analyst Raul Frutos takes us through how Greece’s financial woes could impact the metal market. No, Greece is not a major producer or consumer of industrial market, but he does point out that if Greece were to exit the eurozone, it could impact the European economy, which could negatively affect worldwide demand for the metals and drive down their prices.

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