Work Intermediation Platforms – Procurement Practitioner Opportunities and Challenges on the Road Ahead (Part 4) [PRO]

In Parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series on work intermediation platforms (WIPs), we attempted to give readers a bird’s eye view of the complex phenomenon of WIPs that has been unfolding over the past 10+ years. The position we have put forth is that WIPs are a key facet of what is rapidly evolving into a new network of labor services sourcing and procurement channels that will be unique and function differently from the dominant contingent workforce supply chain (where a few standard “packaged” forms of labor services like the temp worker or SOW, are made available by traditional suppliers like staffing firms, professional services firms, etc.). From the standpoint of procurement practitioners and their business users, existing and new labor services “supply paradigms” will have to be brought together in the enterprise. In this final and fourth part of this series, we try to begin the discussion of what opportunities and challenges services procurement and contingent workforce managers will face moving forward as WIPs and new digital channels (entirely new digital ecosystems) for sourcing and engaging contingent labor/talent take shape.

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