July 30 Webinar: Taking the Direct Route to High-Impact Independent Talent

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If you’re a contingent workforce management or services procurement practitioner, you’re already familiar with the “indirect route” (the practices, processes, and technologies involved in managing enterprise  spend on contingent workforce in the “industrialized” models of staffing agency temporary labor and SOW services). But, in today’s increasingly hyper-specialized knowledge economy, there is a whole other segment of contingent workforce that is becoming increasingly significant to enterprise performance and competitiveness: an independent workforce that is both highly skilled and professional and inaccessible through standard supplier channels. And that is where the war for talent is really being fiercely waged.

Increasingly, the media have discussed the expansion of the freelance, gig or on-demand economy, which is mainly about the flexible, dynamic utilization of lower-skilled workers. Though related to this trend in a number ways – including contingent workforce, direct sourcing, compliance and classification issues and significant use of technology – the segment of workers we are talking about is something entirely different.

Rather than large-scale, heterogeneous populations of plug and play workers, this segment is about individual talent – individual professionals with unique skills and expertise needed for a limited time period to achieve significant outcomes inside or outside of the enterprise. These highly critical professionals expect independent engagements with businesses they consider clients, not employers. This is a workforce that must be sourced and engaged through different processes – a direct route – that must definitely achieve efficiency and compliance but also must conform to the expectations and preferences of the modern independent professional. In this world, getting each engagement right can be critical to business success.

This webinar, organized and conducted by Spend Matters and MBO Partners, is an opportunity for you to get an overview of the fast growing independent professional workforce segment along with the state-of-the-art models for effectively and efficiently engaging these professionals for the benefit of your organization. In it you will gain insight into:

  • Recent studies into the demographics of independent professionals and how they increasingly prefer self-employed status and direct engagement with clients.
  • How enabling direct sourcing of these workers can be a highly efficient alternative to the traditional staffing supply chain.
  • How integrated procurement models, such as source-to-pay and technology-enabled platforms, including work intermediation platforms and freelancer management systems, are transforming how businesses can engage independent talent efficiently and with less compliance risk, while achieving new visibility into and control over contractor spend.
  • How MBO Partners provides unique engagement alternatives that enable efficient, low-risk direct sourcing and engagement of highly skilled independent talent.

Take an hour away from your absorption in the indirect route to procuring contingent labor and learn about the direct route to the high-value independent workforce by attending the webinar, Direct Source and Engage Highly-Skilled Independent Talent with Controlled Cost and Risk, on Thursday, July 30 at 12 p.m. CDT.

This is a webinar exclusively organized for contingent workforce management and services procurement practitioners, and registrations will be limited to this group.

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