Contract Lifecycle Management 101: Part 3 – Mapping the Upstream and Downstream Contract Phases [Plus+]

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So far in this series, we have introduced contract lifecycle management (CLM) – a process that is not only the key to procurement success, but the key to organizational success. We also have introduced the CLM platform model that provides the foundation for end-to-end CLM, which we will be discussing in more depth in this series. At a high-level, this consisted of the contract information management (CIM) repository, the core contract process/workflow management capabilities and 4 key aspects of (commercial) performance management that the CLM platform must support. This is a great start toward a definition of CLM, and the platform to support it, but we find that in order to fully understand what a CLM solution is in our context, we first have to map the solution space by defining the relevant process areas (i.e., pre-contract upstream and post-contract downstream) and then map them to the applicable software functionality areas that make sense for those processes.

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