Building Trust With Your Suppliers: A Must for Effective Contract Management [Plus+]

contract lifecycle management

Relationships take work, and building trust is an important part of any relationship. This is true, too, when it comes to suppliers and buyers. Can you trust your suppliers to adhere to the terms of the contract? What does it take to reach this level of trust? To help practitioners form ideal relationships with their suppliers, Spend Matters brings you another one of its most popular Ask the Expert webinars of all time on this Flashback Friday. Back in April 2014, Peter Smith, chief research officer and managing director of Spend Matters UK and Public Spend Matters Europe, led the webinar, Trust or Track the Supplier – Contract Management Dilemmas. In it, Peter asks, “Do we trust our supplier or do we carefully track their performance?” The answer: It’s a bit of both. “Trust has to be earned,” as Peter points out.

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