20 Procurement Myths, Debunked 1-by-1

Pierre Mitchell has officially* wrapped up his procurement myth series over on Chief Procurement Officer. Pierre, our chief research officer, has knocked down 20 myths, one at a time, surrounding procurement, explaining why and how these theories came to be and why they are absolute rubbish.

Check out the latest – and final – myth in the series, Supply Management is a Department: Procurement Myth No. 20. In this post, Pierre argues that procurement is more than just a single department within a company, separated from all the others with functions and values that only stay within said department. This is incorrect, as he writes:

“The idea is that procurement becomes the lead architect in helping the business dynamically reconfigure the extended supply chain. It basically turns supply from a noun into a verb that transcends a narrow, siloed, linear view into a much broader, yet deeper, and flexible view of how to execute on the promises made in a demand-driven supply chain, as well as what promises you should be making in the first place.”

You can read the full article here and check out the full series on Chief Procurement Officer. As Pierre discloses at the start of each one of these myth posts, you may agree or disagree with some of these myths discussed, but each one warrants a discussion.

Stay tuned, too, as Spend Matters Plus will be publishing a full roundup of the entire series in the coming weeks.

*That is, unless you think there are more out there and want to get in touch with Pierre.

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