Afternoon Coffee: Boeing Warns of Shipping Lithium-Ion Batters on Planes, Mercedes to Revamp Global Supply Chain


Boeing is warning airliners to stop sending bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries on planes, as they pose a fire hazard. The plane maker said “safer methods of packaging and transport” need to be established and implemented before the batteries are shipped on flights.

Mercedes-Benz plans to spend “hundreds of millions of euros” to reorganize its global supply chain network and reduce logistics costs by about 20%. Many of the parts used to build the company’s cars are still sourced from Europe, making it more expensive to ship parts to certain plants.

Ferrari is the latest car brand to be added to the list of automakers having to recall vehicles due to defective airbags, though it isn’t clear where the airbags were manufactured. About 814 model-year 2015 Ferrari cars are included in the recall.

Lockheed Martin is purchasing Sikorsky Aircraft, the maker of the Black Hawk military helicopter, for $9 billion.


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