Revolutionary and Disruptive Changes Coming to the Contingent Workforce Space [Plus+]

Though maybe not that apparent to most practitioners at the moment, the procurement of the contingent workforce is going to become more complicated in coming years. Here’s the good news: Most contingent workforce management programs are currently in the early stage of ramping up and moving up the program maturity ladder. They’re getting organizational buy-in and alignment, expanding program scope and reach, instituting processes and technologies and establishing disciplines for supplier, spend and compliance management for staffing and statement of work (SOW) labor. But the rub is that a tremendous amount is starting to happen outside of procurement and the 4 walls of the program office work site, where practitioners have their heads down doing their thing. In short: Despite some progress in evolving programs away from just the management of staffing resources and SOW models, the non-employee genie is working his magic and making his way out of the bottle. Call this little wizard “Uber” if you will – a nice name for this genie in more ways than one.

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