July 30 Webinar: Forget Uber’s Classification Problems – Engage Critically Needed Independent Professionals, Safely and Efficiently


Uber and other large-scale online work platform companies that engage large populations of workers in low-skill jobs have come under legal and regulatory fire as of late. Unfortunately, these businesses made big mistakes very early on: They did not take worker classification questions very seriously.

However precarious the current situation may be for these new-age platform businesses, for large enterprises engaging independent professionals, the situation is a different one:

  • Highly skilled professionals who choose to work independently will continue to be a growing workforce population of increasing importance to enterprises.
  • Enterprises understand that care must be taken in arranging work with these professionals by ensuring the correct legal structure of any given engagement.
  • Work arrangement intermediaries are available to ensure that enterprises can engage independent professionals in legitimately structured engagements, with lower transaction costs and better rate transparency than can be achieved through temporary staffing suppliers.

In short, distinct from the media’s crisis coverage of Uber and other such businesses, the population of independent professionals, a critical enterprise talent pool, will continue to grow, as projected in a number of recent studies in the US and Europe. Sourcing and engaging this talent population will continue to rise as a priority for businesses and their contingent workforce procurement practitioners.

Join us for a webinar, “Directly Source and Engage Highly-Skilled Independent Talent with Controlled Cost and Risk,” brought to you by Spend Matters and MBO Partners. In it, you will learn about the fast growing independent professional workforce segment, along with the state-of-the-art models for effectively and efficiently engaging these professionals. Key topics will be:

  • Recent studies into the demographics of independent professionals and how they increasingly prefer self-employed status and direct engagement with clients.
  • How enabling direct sourcing of these workers can be a highly efficient alternative to the traditional staffing supply chain.
  • How integrated procurement models, such as source-to-pay, and technology-enabled platforms, including work intermediation platforms and freelancer management systems, are transforming how businesses can engage independent talent efficiently and with less compliance risk, while achieving new visibility into and control over contractor spend.
  • How MBO Partners provides unique engagement alternatives that enable efficient, low-risk direct sourcing and engagement of highly skilled independent talent.

Join us on Thursday, July 30 at 12 p.m. CDT for the webinar, “Direct Source and Engage Highly-Skilled Independent Talent with Controlled Cost and Risk.”

This is a webinar exclusively organized for contingent workforce management, services procurement and human resources practitioners. Registrations will be limited to this group.

Click here to learn more and register.

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First Voice

  1. John:

    I don’t think it comes down to the “classification of the workers” in my opinion. I think it comes down to simple stupidity by corporate members, not knowing the legalities and treatment of their employees.

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