July 30 Webinar: Highly Skilled Independent Professionals Are Coming – Get Ready Now

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By now, you’ve all heard of the “freelance economy” or the “gig economy.” But the truth is, these are not economies at all. They are really just segments of the labor market that are growing due to a range of converging developments in areas such as technology, business requirements and worker needs and preferences. It is important to get beyond the buzzwords and look squarely at what these growing labor market segments are and what they imply for how your business secures and procures the critical talent it needs.

In the labor category of highly skilled, often expert, professional workers, 2 important conditions can be observed:

  1. Business’ demand for these workers is outstripping supply, and
  2. Many of these workers increasingly prefer to engage different companies independently and directly, not as full-time employees.

There is potentially a positive consequence here: If these professionals are independent and do not tie themselves up with one company, the supply becomes more elastic. However, only those businesses able to engage these independent professionals successfully will be able to tap into these capabilities.

Join us for a webinar, “Directly Source and Engage Highly Skilled Independent Talent with Controlled Cost and Risk,” brought to you by Spend Matters and MBO Partners. In it, you will learn about the fast growing independent professional workforce segment along with the state-of-the-art models for effectively and efficiently engaging these professionals. Key topics will be:

  • Recent studies into the demographics of independent professionals and how they increasingly prefer self-employed status and direct engagement with clients.
  • How enabling direct sourcing of these workers can be a highly efficient alternative to the traditional staffing supply chain.
  • How integrated procurement models, such as source-to-pay, and technology-enabled platforms, including work intermediation platforms (WIPs) and freelancer management systems (FMS) are transforming the way businesses engage independent talent efficiently and with less compliance risk, while achieving new visibility into and control over contractor spend.
  • How MBO Partners provides unique engagement alternatives that enable efficient, low-risk direct sourcing and engagement of highly skilled independent talent.

Join us on Thursday, July 30 at 12 p.m. CDT for the webinar, “Direct Source and Engage Highly-Skilled Independent Talent with Controlled Cost and Risk.”

This is a webinar exclusively organized for contingent workforce management, services procurement and human resources practitioners, and registration will be limited to this group.

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