Spend Matters 50/50: Transcepta – A Provider to Watch in 2015

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Some providers prefer to keep a low profile as they grow. Such is the case of Transcepta, which has even taken a low profile approach to sales. It works with channel partners such as Oracle and SciQuest, which leverage its e-invoicing and supplier network capability with their own purchase-to-pay (P2P) solutions. While you may not have heard of Transcepta, if you are considering an e-invoicing or supplier connectivity solutions that touches on all the core bases, we promise: It will be worth your while to check it out.

As noted before on Spend Matters PRO, Transcepta’s “secret sauce” involves the extraction of data from PDFs and supplier systems in a non-invasive manner, with onboarding and initial file mapping for invoices, purchase orders (POs) and more complete in hours, not days. Moreover, Transcepta supports a range of additional file formats beyond its virtual printer and emailed-PDF capturing capability, including EDI file formats, XML and CSV, as well as the ability to support document submission through a portal environment.

Transcepta can also do pre-validation and matching in the network cloud – before it touches buyer systems. In partnership with SciQuest, sample basic validations include invoice totals, fields, company data and format. Premium validation services include matches and validations against additional company specific data; such as non-PO invoices and bill-to-entity match lists; industry specific requirements, including UPC codes on line items, dates; and third-party system queries, including match fields against open POs in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and buyer P/Ns matching look-up information.

Clever, eh? Transcepta also handles the hand-holding efforts that are often part of supplier onboarding as well.

Transcepta should be on everyone’s shortlist for core e-invoicing and supplier enablement in North America.

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