Spend Matters 50/50: APEX Analytix – A Provider to Watch in 2015

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APEX Analytix LLC is a Spend Matters Provider to Watch but could just as easily have been a Provider to Know, because the firm has been around for almost 20 years delivering its spend compliance software and services that cover a broad swath of business processes, industries and value:

  • Audit recovery services – This is the bread and butter service line, but to deliver such services scalably and repeatedly for a client, there must be software.
  • Spend analysis software – APEX Analytix has had strong spend analysis tools for longer than many firms have even been in business.
  • Spend Compliance and procure-to-pay (P2P) analytics/tools – If you follow the Spend Matters 50 Shades of Pay series, you see the evolution from spent analysis to areas like contract and compliance analysis, performance measurement, working capital and other areas – supplier management areas such as supplier information management and supplier risk or fraud – that APEX Analytix has been able to build out over the years.
  • Industry focused analytics – Retail is a major focus area for the firm and for a few of its major competitors due to its unique complexities and opportunities.
  • Broader services – Supporting the analytics above and the core compliance and recovery services that extend beyond P2P in other areas, such as finance.

APEX Analytix is best suited for large firms that want to make sure that their spending is “locked up tight” through rigorous controls and visibility and want to have access to a broad swath of spend-focused software and services that can be consumed individually or collectively with a provider that will back it up commercially.

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  1. Pierre Mitchell:

    Other than early pay, priorities haven’t changed much in 15years: vendors want to know when they’re getting paid – and buyers are pushing self-service out to suppliers (and requisitioners).
    I would certainly agree with you about this issue of a portal framework that allows suppliers a single log in and then grants them associated privileges to multiple systems (or data pushed into the ‘DMZ’ typically) – whether on premise – or hosted services like yours. But, there hasn’t been a market for it – every buyer’s tech environment and philosophy (and lack of standards) seem to vary too much.
    Thanks for you comments!

  2. Helen Tueffel:

    Good distinction. Portals can be broad or narrow, and, of course, industry specific. We surveyed the buyer and supplier market and their top functions, in order were: Supplier registration/onboarding; inquiry/self-service; E-invoicing, document upload and workflow.

    Both buyers and suppliers aligned on the top three. The survey was back in 2013 and since then, the interest in dynamic discounting and supply chain finance have crept up in importance according to our sales intelligence.

    We are finding that configuration without customization to specialized needs is a key fundamental function.

    Would you agree that a good portal architecture should be a foundation for modules and capabilities that meet new requirements and present not only information from the buyer, but offer capabilities that reach out to other databases and systems to conduct vendor vetting?

  3. Pierre Mitchell:

    You’re welcome Helen. Not to date myself, but was a fan of the APEX A/P analytics before even you joined! We very much agree on dynamic discounting and on broader trade finance. Check out https://www.google.com/webhp?&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=%22dynamic%20discounting%22%20site%3Aspendmatters.com
    and specifically our TFM sub-site.
    “Supplier Portals” however is such an amorphous term. i.e., is it an environment where a supplier can come to your site and get access to all information from various systems that you allow them too? or is it just a small subset for inquiries, PO flips, and self-service data management in a SIM context? first option is my personal choice.

  4. Helen Tueffel:

    Thanks for the write-up. Cash discount management, especially dynamic discounting via our portal and supplier registration are fast-growing areas of our offerings. Portals are a top priority for many of our clients. Cost reduction and working capital advantages abound.

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