Services Procurement and Contingent Workforce Program Mad Libs

services procurement

Let’s play a little game, Spend Matters-style. We all remember Mad Libs, but what happens if we infuse that game with the recent paper Jason Busch, founder and managing director at Spend Matters, published on breathing life into your services procurement and contingent workforce program? The paper outlines 5 easy steps:

1. Understand how ________ matters in the aggregate
2. Make sure your ________ tie to data at the ________ level
3. Don’t ignore ongoing ________  ________  on a ________  level
4. Think beyond the ________  ________
5. Take control of your ________  spending and renegotiate your ________ ________

Pretty tricky, huh? You’ll have to download the paper to check your answers, and also to get a full in-depth explanation on each of the 5 steps outlined here and in Reinvigorate Your Services Procurement and Contingent Workforce Program: A 5-Step How-To Guide.

Get your copy today!

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