Contract Lifecycle Management 101: Part 7 The Extended Contract Management Platform [Plus+]

We continue our Spend Matters Plus series on contract lifecycle management (CLM) today with Part 7. So far, we have covered a lot of ground, explaining what CLM is (a decidedly unsexy acronym that, when properly implemented, can generate quite attractive results on its own, and even more when integrated into broader buy-side and enterprise-wide processes), discussed the CLM framework and talked about which solutions are required to support the full CLM process from an end-to-end procurement perspective.We have also covered what we believe to be “must-have” capabilities and “should-have” features of any CLM solution. Here we conclude our in-depth review of contract management solutions with a discussion of supporting “nice-to-have” capabilities that, while not present in all or even most solutions, can greatly increase the power, usefulness and even the value of such a solution to your organization.

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