Spend Matters 50/50: GT Nexus – A Provider to Watch in 2015

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GT Nexus provides a cloud-based network and supporting platform of supply chain solutions and services that allow retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers and trade financing entities to connect and collaborate. The firm also recently announced its planned acquisition by ERP holding company Infor.

The GT Nexus network is geared primarily toward global inbound supply chains funneling into retail brand owners. The solutions are primarily oriented toward the collaboration and processing of global trade workflows. This includes the financial supply chain – based on capabilities picked up from TradeCard – in addition to the traditional physical supply chain support that GT Nexus provides in transportation and logistics. The solutions are geared toward execution and visibility into the supply chain – including inventory, plans, orders and payments – but there is also good planning capabilities in the transportation area. The future for GT Nexus, however, is in its role as a supply chain information network that provides a backplane of sorts organized around a supply network model – for both its current installed base and for that of Infor.

For more information on GT Nexus, see our analysis on our sister site Trade Financing Matters.  For more on supply chain information networks, see our 2-part series that deals with the topic here and here.

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