Afternoon Coffee: Chinese Manufacturing Workers Strike, US Coast Guard Monitors Cargo Coming From Tianjin, China

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Possible supply risk: Chinese workers in the manufacturing industry are increasingly protesting as factories relocate or go out of business. A worker strife log in China shows workers protesting at electronic and garment factories in Guangdong, a coastal province.

The US Coast Guard is monitoring vessels coming from Tianjin, China, bound for US ports to ensure the cargo does not contain hazardous materials or chemicals from the recent explosions in China.

Starting in 2016, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will require truck drivers to make an appointment for when they will pick up cargo at the ports. Port operators say the measure adds “predictability to the supply chain.”

Shippers are experiencing higher trucking contract prices, but say they don’t mind paying more if it ensures their cargo will be delivered. A shortage of truck drivers is expected to increase over the next year, and year-long trucking contracts have already jumped from 2014.


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