Hot-off-the-press Research: The New Independent Workforce and Worker Classification


How do we classify our workers? This might seem like a simple, cut-and-dried issue, but that may not be the case. Understanding the Current Worker Classification Crisis, the New Independent Workforce and What It Is Not – The Emergence of the Compliance Intermediary Management by Andrew Karpie, research analyst, services and labor procurement, is now available for FREE download.

An excerpt: "This Spend Matters brief analyzes the current “worker classification crisis” brought on by new platform companies, such as Uber and Postmates. It also clarifies the nature and importance of the “new independent workforce” to enterprises (despite this crisis), emphasizing the crucial role of a compliance intermediary to assure that independent workers are engaged, classified, paid and otherwise handled properly, and that the new growing population of independent talent can be leveraged without compliance concerns."

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