Businesses Can Engage Freelance and Independent Workers and Mitigate Compliance Risk–Here’s How

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Contingent workforce procurement practitioners have long discouraged the use of independent workers and freelancers as a way to avoid independent contractor risk due to IRS oversight and enforcement. Moreover, recent litigation, government guidelines and rulings on worker classification may heighten procurement's concerns about classification.

At the same time, there is a significant trend of professional, skilled workers opting to work as independents, working for multiple companies and taking control over their work and career paths. In parallel, enterprises are facing severe skill/talent shortages and need to access the skilled talent opting to work independently.

This may seem like a irresolvable contradiction – but it's not. By using non-staffing compliance intermediaries that ensure a compliant relationship between an enterprise and independent workers, procurement can have its cake and eat it, too. Independent workers can be engaged through cost-saving direct sourcing approaches, allowing businesses to gain access to this important talent population, with compliance risk mitigated.

Want to know more? Download the new research brief, Understanding the Current Worker Classification Crisis, the New Independent Workforce, and What It Is Not – The Emergence of the Compliance Management Intermediary.

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