Hot Off the Press: Looking Back at Strategic Sourcing to Project the Future of E-Sourcing


Brand new research is now available from the Spend Matters team! Jason Busch, founder and managing director, and Thomas Kase, vice president of research, present The Past and Future of Strategic Sourcing – Looking Back to Look Forward at E-Sourcing

What does the future hold for strategic sourcing? Have we reached the full value potential for this segment or are there even more savings to be had?

An excerpt: "Eliminating sloppy work and going digital created a big source of savings, regardless of whether any price point reductions were attained. Sourcing is a concept and a label that runs from sophisticated company-wide strategic supply chain planning projects down to compliance-centric procurement events with equally diverse technological capabilities. So to answer our own rhetorical question: of course there is opportunity for sourcing, but the question is where."

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