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Spend Matters PRO procurement tech coverage is often deep – and dare we say esoteric – for those that aren’t true procurement geeks like us. Much of coverage of SciQuest (see related links, below) falls into this category. Much of the detail of these research briefs goes a bit deep for the casual reader not in the throes of a competitive selection comparing Coupa, Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, ESM Solutions, Periscope, Unimarket or a range of other providers. For those that have not gone into the modular weeds – including a number of its customers – SciQuest is somewhat of an enigma. Despite a string of acquisitions in the past 5 years, the vendor has become anything but a financial roll-up, which was the path Spend Matters originally thought it might take.

To learn more about SciQuest on a more manageable level for those not yet deep in modular feature/function comparisons or selections – including a true SWOT analysis that goes deep on all 4 letters – we prepared a graphical PDF highlighting our view of the provider along with a summary of actual market trends driving adoption of both point solutions and suites today and tomorrow. Spend Matters PRO subscribers can download this graphical analysis of SciQuest in our PRO post published earlier today

And check back soon for additional tech synopses as we profile other vendors in the market from an entry point that we believe is needed for those looking to build a fast, foundational understanding of providers.

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