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I stopped by eWorld, the biannual procurement event, in London, earlier today for a couple of hours to catch up with a range of faces, both old and new. As an American, the event continues to fascinate me, because it would be impossible to pull off something similar the US.

In the UK, where all roads converge on a single city, it’s possible to have a free procurement event for practitioners, whose costs are entirely offset by sponsorship and exhibition fees paid for by vendors – at quite a low cost, relative to other events.

The combination creates a sort of Grand Central Station-effect, where you get everyone from tech CEOs with a handful of employees to heads of procurement for big government departments and FTSE-listed companies – and, of course, much in between.

The event is also transient. People come and go for various sessions and meetings, compared with other procurement events, many of which follow a sequestration-like model, with the outsourced world closed off for anywhere from a day to more than half a week.

Perhaps the best side effect of the event structure and low cost is small technology vendors, which could not otherwise afford to advertise or attend events, take a small booth. Today, I engaged a few of these firms that I had never heard of before in conversation, learning about new – and sometimes not-so-new – niches different providers are trying to fill in the market. These included:

  • A boutique, full-service e-sourcing firm founded by a Trading Partners alum that uses Market Dojo technology
  • An upstart supplier management/portal vendor that targets compliance-related activities – almost a European-centric, Hiperos-like provider
  • A savings tracking and measurement company that is attempting to be a simplified and more collaborative version of Sievo

And these are just a few of the conversations I had. Stay tuned for further coverage from the event in the coming days. I’ll also put some vendor names – and further details – behind the descriptions listed above.

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First Voice

  1. Anya@MarketDojo:

    It was great to meet you at the conference Jason.

    eWorld is perfect for Market Dojo. It’s always great to see our friends at other stands and meet new and familiar delegates too.

    Thoroughly recommend going as an exhibitor or spectator!


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