KellyOCG Expands Digitally-Enabled Talent Supply Chain With Elevate Direct Partnership


KellyOCG, the outsourcing and consulting group of Kelly Services, announced its partnership with UK-based Elevate Direct this week. This partnership continues KellyOCG’s advancement into the “online talent platform” and independent workforce sourcing and engagement space.  

“The online talent platform component within KellyOCG’s talent supply chain has grown from one company in 2013 to nearly a dozen communities today,” the company said in the press release announcing the partnership. Upwork and Work Market have been among other partnerships.

Why KellyOCG and Elevate Direct?

As Jim Bradley, senior vice president of KellyOCG, notes in the press release, companies looking to recruit top talent increasingly need to look to the contingent workforce to find the skilled labor and talent communities they need. “Integrating Elevate, and others, into our supply chain helps our clients access the rapidly expanding online workforce,” he said.

The specific value of Elevate is that it provides KellyOCG clients “access to their online talent community of skilled professionals, while KellyOCG provides clients the visibility and insight into their independent contractor (IC) spend, often a missing link when freelancers are procured outside of an outsourced program.”

More On Elevate Direct

Elevate Direct, founded in 2010, is a unique online talent platform that, unlike most other platforms, focuses on digitally-enabled and analytics-based direct sourcing and recruitment of mainly independent contingent workers, along with full-time employees and alumni.

CEO Dan Collier, whom Spend Matters spoke with Tuesday, explained that Elevate Direct has developed powerful data processing and predictive analytics that, also drawing upon other data sources, enrich and augment candidate profiles and associated information. Elevate Direct has already built up a talent reservoir of some 100,000 candidates with enriched data. Businesses can tap into and direct source from this talent reservoir or leverage Elevate directly to create their own talent pools or source individual candidates.  

Collier said he sees Elevate Direct, given its analytic-based sourcing capabilities and focus, as more complementary than competitive to other platforms like Upwork and Work Market, as well as vendor management system players. Elevate Direct has already announced a partnership with IQNavigator, and Collier says there are others in the works. Collier also noted that Elevate is really competing with staffing agencies, with their costly sourcing and recruiting functions and arms-length brokerage roles.

Spend Matters Observations

The real news here is KellyOCG’s continuing development of a digitally intensive talent supply chain that addresses the growing independent workforce. Spend Matters sees KellyOCG as a first mover and as one of the few staffing-related businesses moving proactively in embracing new digitally enabled channels for directly sourcing, engaging and managing independent workers, including “online talent platforms,” which Spend Matters refers to as work intermediation platforms (WIPs).

Spend Matters will continue to cover and analyze KellyOCG developments as a part of our focus on the emerging digital ecosystem for sourcing and engaging the independent workforce.

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  1. Tim Giehll:

    Hi Andrew: You forgot to mention Field Nation right along with Upwork and Work Market. Thanks for the great post, Tim Giehll

    1. Andrew Karpie:

      Sorry, Tim, it wasn’t disclosed by Kelly. But thank you for pointing out–good to know!

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