Spend Matters 50/50: Concur – A Provider to Know in 2015

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Concur has been a part of SAP’s cloud offering since December 2014, alongside earlier procurement related acquisitions such as Ariba, Fieldglass and SuccessFactors.

Most Concur users associate the firm with expense reporting, but the SAP business unit has more arrows in its quiver. Invoicing and integrated business travel are 2 others – and when we say integrated, you better believe it. The way Concur enables delivery of the perfect trip concept relies not only on its own solutions, such as TripIt, but in large part on the value-add from solution partners that offer complementary apps that draw on Concur’s core data set.

In fact, Concur in many ways sets the bar for how cloud solutions can seamlessly integrate a large set of solutions (the Concur apps) into its core solution offering, allowing independently developed – but obviously vetted and approved – apps to leverage the Concur data set in a variety of areas, all with a significant degree of creative freedom. Business needs addressed range from travel and expenses, to accounting and finance, sales automation, compliance, value-added tax (VAT) recovery, general travel, IT administration and more.

The Concur platform approach goes far beyond what most other solution providers’ marketing teams are trying to pawn off as a platform. For example, most solution providers offer some level of “off-the-shelf” integration, but Concur does so not just with ERP systems, to help pay the bills and close the books, but also to serve the business user and help them in their daily activities – and in ways that leverage the ingenuity of partner app developers.

Giving users such capabilities really helps offer carrots to drive spend under management, increase compliance, reduce risk and total cost of ownership, increase effectiveness and the other good things we hope to attain. We think Concur’s model can greatly improve the SAP cloud and hope the same concept can be realized in other SAP cloud solutions.

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