The BIQ Legacy – Affordable Spend Analysis

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Ever since BIQ launched its spend analysis offering roughly a decade ago, the world of affordable procurement analytics, for those who want to do the heavy data lifting themselves, has changed how organizations prioritize sourcing and savings opportunities, manage categories and report on results. BIQ was a self-admitted power tool for power users. While not for the faint of analytics heart, BIQ is still very much in use today by procurement data analysts, consultants and others wanting a no-holds-barred tool to drill into both simple and complex data sets.

While Opera has, in recent years, attempted to repackage BIQ around comprehensive category-specific analytical offerings, the power and differentiation of the solution came in the form of its inexpensive per-user price points and flexibility for those that wanted to take a do-it-yourself approach to spend analytics.

Since BIQ, other providers have also attempted to move into affordable spend analysis. I was in London for a quick trip in September and had the chance to catch up briefly with James Courtis-Pond of AnyData Solutions. AnyData, which we’ll be featuring a deep-dive review on in the coming weeks on Spend Matters PRO, is an end-to-end analytics platform that can be used for spend, customer and sales and other analytical applications.

Taking a queue from BIQ, AnyData is inexpensive for smaller and mid-size companies – and even larger organizations that want to manage spend data themselves. Single seats for the solution range from roughly $900 to $3,000 per year for self-service spend analysis, including the ability to build your own spend taxonomy. And for $25,000 per year, AnyData’s fully managed service can do quarterly refreshes for small- to mid-size organizations, including managing data acquisition, cleansing, classification and quality as a service, with a number of licenses to use the analytics front-end.

Stay tuned for further analysis of AnyData in the coming weeks as we – pardon the pun – drill into its capabilities.

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