A New Stage, A New Role

As you grow, it’s good to know when to get out of your own way. Spend Matters’ parent company, Azul Partners, has been growing at a strong double-digit clip for the past five years, accelerating in recent years and quarters. Despite stepping back from running the show a couple of years ago, giving the CEO reins to Lisa Reisman, I’ve still played an active role in running the commercial side of the business.

Today, I announce that I’m taking on a new role for the firm and for Spend Matters, one I know will benefit both the company and its customers. I’m stepping back from my position as Managing Director, where I was, perhaps, our primary public face, and designating a new commercial services team to run our externally focused activities. The dramatic growth of our company is leading this change and this new team, charged by Paul Martyn and Sheena Smith, is well suited to the task of growing existing business lines.

Instead, I’ll serve as Head of Strategy, directing more of our internal research and content to focus on the needs of the practitioner. This will not only make me more effective but also give me an opportunity to do much more of what I enjoy:

  • Spending more time supporting, shepherding and mentoring our amazing analyst and editorial teams to ensure our customers receive the best possible content. This is my top priority!
  • Diving into corporate finance (which has always been a passion of mine, albeit in the background for several years) to support our own growth and to develop solutions for others
  • Delving into public, mission-driven and social sector procurement challenges by taking an active role in Public Spend Forum as we ramp up activities with the goal of redefining how these organizations procure additional value for constituents, members and those whose lives they touch
  • Working closely with our affiliate sites, such as Trade Financing Matters, which cover topics that I believe will play an absolutely critical role in shaping the future of procurement and supply chain
  • Engaging more with consulting firms and practitioner organizations where the opportunity for information exchange and collective learning is highest
  • Providing our largest technology clients with research and advisory
  • Supporting a very select group of early stage technology companies with disruptive potential

So there you have it. I had to pen this because I know at least half of my fellow “Spendies” would not believe it unless I did. As we rocket past 30 people on the team, it’s clear to me where I can be most effective. The changes announced today are designed to speed our efforts and help transform the digital B2B media and research markets while continuing to help our customers spend better.


Founder & Head of Strategy

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Voices (5)

  1. Anya@MarketDojo:

    Congrats Jason. Your new role sounds very exciting. Best of luck from the Market Dojo team. 🙂


  2. Jason Busch:

    Thanks everyone! Yes, I absolutely plan to keep an active (and hopefully more thoughtful) voice on the site. You’ll see just as much from me, but I’ll be spending less time in past areas and more on new ones.

  3. William Dorn:

    Congrats Jason! We look forward to seeing Spend Matters continue to evolve!

  4. Brian Hoffmeyer:

    Congrats Jason! I look forward to continuing to work with you and your team!

  5. Mark Usher:

    Congrats Jason! Hopefully you’ll still post? 🙂

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