IQNavigator Continues Its Ecosystem Development With New Strategic Alliances


IQNavigator (IQN) announced three new strategic alliances, continuing the development of its contingent workforce ecosystem, based on its IQN Compass platform released in March. Spend Matters extensively covered the unveiling of IQN’s new strategic road map this year. One of the key elements of IQN’s platform strategy is to build an ecosystem of talent sources and complementary service solutions providers. The recent announcements should be viewed in this context.

Spend Matters had a chance to speak with Kevin Poll, IQN’s vice president of strategic alliances, to gain some further insights into these alliances and where they fit into IQN’s ecosystem strategy.

Three New Ecosystem Alliances

IQN announced alliances with Genesys, Montage and HireRight in three separate press releases:

  • Genesys is pursuing an innovative strategy to develop talent pools, or talent clouds, populated with highly vetted talent that can be accessed and engaged by enterprises, with Genesys or one of its partners acting as employer of record. Genesys has designed a unique methodology, which combines technology and human capabilities to identify and engage quality talent. According to IQN, Genesys represents one of what will be some number of talent pool or cloud providers from which IQN customers can source non-employee workforce.
  • Montage, which IQN describes as “the leading provider of purpose-built video interviewing solutions to the Fortune and Global 1000,” will provide IQN clients’ contingent workforce hiring managers with video interviewing capability that is typically used in full-time employee hiring, but not in a contingent workforce setting. With Montage, IQN sees itself as bringing additional value-added capabilities to what IQN has already begun to do in order to better support hiring managers — not just procurement or managed service providers (MSPs).
  • HireRight, described by IQN as a leading provider of global background checks and drug and health testing, will “enable companies to screen and hire non-employee workers with the same due diligence that permanent hires receive.” According to Kevin Poll, only 29% of contingent workers are made subject to background checks today. The HireRight solution is integrated with IQN’s new onboarding functionality, allowing enterprise clients to quickly and efficiently complete background checks on all new non-employees.

If one steps back and looks carefully at these platform complementors, what is emerging starts to become clearer. Overall, as IQN has said, its platform will not simply be a transactional “system of record.” It will also be a “system of engagement” that supports hiring managers with a streamlined, effective means of engaging non-employee workforce.

So in this context, each provider plugs into and performs a value-added function at different stages of the non-employee sourcing and engagement process. Genesys provides new talent pools from which companies can efficiently source. Montage enables hiring managers to engage with contingent worker candidates, helping to ensure a narrowing down to appropriate applicants. And HireRight ensures that, prior to actually starting work with the company, selected candidates have been subjected to background checks.

The Developing IQN Ecosystem

Based on the above, one can start to see what the development of the IQN ecosystem of platform complementors is about — supporting businesses and hiring managers with new efficient, streamlined and compliant processes to source and engage non-employee talent. This is something very important — in the traditional vendor management system (VMS) world, hiring managers became servants to the process, rather than vice versa.

Kevin Poll spoke of the goal of “empowering of hiring managers,” not only lending support with information and intelligence but also by giving a real experience of confidence and control over the process of getting the talent they need.

And by enabling these new processes, hiring managers are more empowered and more satisfied. In addition, sourcing and engagement processes can be engineered and digitized to be more efficient and achieve improved quality and cycle time performance. One could draw a parallel to iTunes and music lovers and many musicians — only here it is hiring managers and non-employee workers.

IQN’s pursuit of a digitally-enabled ecosystem is not exploitation of a hyped-up concept. It is the creation of a technology platform and a network of supporting services to establish improved ways to source and engage non-employee workforce.

When asked what lies ahead for this nascent ecosystem, Poll said IQN was in the process of developing relationships with additional platform complementors. This would include other talent pool sources, more risk and compliance management services and, broadly, other technology-enabled services that are available today in the world of full time employee hiring but not in the world of non-employee workforce.

Final Thoughts

Spend Matters has been tracking IQN’s new strategic developments throughout the year, with an emphasis on analytics, enabling hiring managers, pursuit of a technology-based platform and ecosystem. What we have seen is concrete, stepwise progress toward realizing the new strategic vision — and engagement of platform complementors, as announced here, represents another concrete steps. It will certainly be very interesting to see all of this unfold over the next two years.

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